Bringing about justice for women in El Salvador

Bringing about justice for women in El Salvador

Due to violent street gangs, El Salvador has one of the world’s highest murder rates, and 95% of crimes go unpunished. With this level of impunity for violent crime, El Salvador is also one of the most unsafe territories in Central America for women.

Despite laws protecting women’s rights, there is still a perception in society that violence against women is normal and acceptable. Christian Aid is working with communities and the criminal justice system to prevent violence against women.

Christian Aid’s partner ORMUSA (Organisation of Salvadoran Women for Peace) is providing specialist training on gender violence to key staff members in the justice system including decision makers, attorneys, judges and court staff.

Silvia Juarez coordinates ORMUSA’s work. She said: ‘We will work on the issue of violence taking place inside institutions. For instance, the police and the police academy have been trained on how to tackle violence suffered by women within these institutions.’

ORMUSA is also working with the School of the Public Prosecutor’s Office offering district attorneys a graduate course to become special prosecutors in gender-based violence cases.

Training the state’s lawyers on this issue is crucial; not all prosecutors apply the country’s laws on violence against women thoroughly when they put together their cases.Esmirna de Calles from the School of the Public Prosecutor’s Office “said”‘We will work on the violence taking place inside institutions.’said: ‘Our experience with ORMUSA has been great. Many men in directive roles have been trained. Some of them were reluctant, but at the end of the training there was an acceptance of the mistakes that have been made.’

Thank you for your support through Commitment for Life, which is protecting women from violence.

Exposing the scandal of displacement

Since the last update the numbers of people displaced across the world has increased. More than 40 million people have been forced from their homes, yet remain within their country and are not afforded any rights or protections.

This year we’re calling for the UN to agree to work towards a solution for all displaced people. But still much of this problem

remains hidden, and displaced people are often overlooked. So our first step is to expose this scandal.

Could your church help by hosting our photography exhibition, full of stories of people who’ve been displaced?

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