Responding to the Rohingya refugee crisis

Update March 2018 Bangladesh

Responding to the Rohingya refugee crisis

More than 850,000 refugees are stuck in camps on the border of Bangladesh following escalating violence in Myanmar. This is now the fastest-growing refugee crisis in the world.

Those who fled walked for miles, and for days on end. Conditions in the camps are incredibly difficult and many people are sick and at risk of serious disease.

Christian Aid is co-ordinating the response at Jamtoli camp which shelters over 50,000 Rohingya people. Our partners have provided thousands of blankets, floor mats, kitchen sets and tarpaulins. We have also improved the toilet and washing facilities in the camp and given healthcare support to over 12,500 refugees.

Jamal Hossain and Layla Begum live in Jamtoli Camp with their two sons and daughter.

Jamal and Layla were farmers in Myanmar. They lived in their own two-story wooden house and owned livestock, palm trees, and a garden where they grew vegetables.

The family fled to Bangladesh to escape escalating violence. They left almost everything behind but the clothes on their backs and a solar battery, their most precious possession.

Jamal Hossain and Layla Begum outside their home at the camp with their daughter Rozeya

Their tent is sturdier and more comfortable than many shelters at Jamtoli.

In December, Jamal and Layla received floor mats, blankets, and a kitchen set from Christian Aid.

‘This is the fastest- growing refugee crisis in the world.’

Jamal said that, after his long journey over the border and the hardships his family faced on the way, it was a relief to rest and relax. He does not want to go back unless their safety could be guaranteed.

Thank you for your support of Commitment for Life, which has enabled Christian Aid to support Rohingya refugees.

Exposing the scandal of displacement

Since the last update the numbers of people displaced across the world has increased. More than 40 million people have been forced from their homes, yet remain within their country and are not afforded any rights or protections.

This year we’re calling for the UN to agree to work towards a solution for all displaced people. But still much of this problem

remains hidden, and displaced people are often overlooked. So our first step is to expose this scandal.

Could your church help by hosting our photography exhibition, full of stories of people who’ve been displaced?

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